iSphere Named a Top-Rated Staffing Firm for the Second Half of 2023

by iSphere on February 22, 2024 in Press Release

Houston, TX — iSphere, a dynamic leader in IT consulting and workforce solutions, is delighted to accept recognition for being named a Top-Rated Staffing Firm for the second half of 2023. This accolade from Great Recruiters accentuates iSphere’s outstanding achievements in delivering an unmatched candidate experience, conducting highly efficient operations, and maintaining an exceptional brand reputation.

iSphere has emerged as a frontrunner among more than 100 respected firms, underscoring their dedication to excellence in the staffing industry. By consistently prioritizing the capture and implementation of feedback from both candidates and clients, iSphere has attained new levels in delivering exceptional experiences. With a noteworthy 647 total reviews and maintaining an average rating of 4.87 out of 5, iSphere has unmistakably established itself as a formidable presence.

Reflecting on the past year, George Walker, Managing Partner at iSphere, commended, “The iSphere team has truly outperformed expectations. In an industry that has been transforming, our strategy in soliciting and incorporating feedback sets us apart, ensuring a consistent delivery of exceptional experiences for both our candidates and clients throughout the entire process.”

The Top-Rated accolades from Great Recruiters serve as external confirmation that iSphere holds a leadership position in the technology staffing sector. Adam Conrad, Great Recruiters Founder & CXO, expressed his pride, stating, “I couldn’t be more proud of the daily dedication our Top-Rated winners have demonstrated to earn this recognition. Our esteemed Top-Rated staffing firms underscore the importance of creating and quantifying exceptional experiences as a critical factor in staying competitive in 2024 and beyond. Collaborating with this group of industry leaders is truly an honor.”

About Great Recruiters

Great Recruiters is an experience management and brand promotion platform that automates online review capture down to the desk level, enabling users to provide better experiences, increase referrals, improve organizational efficiency & QA, and grow their brand reputation. To learn more about their Top-Rated awards, visit

About iSphere

iSphere is an IT solutions and staffing provider that offers innovative results for organizations and tech professionals. With our deep industry experience, track record of cost-effective results, and personal touch, we provide solutions to people and businesses in Texas and beyond. To learn more about iSphere, visit


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