Darla Walker


Working for a company like iSphere is not really work at all. The iSphere team would agree, the family-like, light-hearted yet professional culture that iSphere has developed over the years makes it a great place to work and a spot where people are inspired to reach new heights every day. Much of this is a result of the time and energy Darla puts into developing and truly caring about the internal culture of iSphere, as well as the “face” of the company that’s presented to the outside world. From managing the team, working on business development and developing marketing strategies; Darla is involved in all aspects of iSphere.


Darla’s 20+ years experience in the professional staffing services industry, both as a contractor herself and as a business owner, give her a unique insight into what it takes to make the client/contractor/staffing firm relationships succeed. By maximizing her past accomplishments and work experiences, Darla has implemented best practices in all areas of the company, influencing iSphere’s exemplary delivery of services.



Putting the “I” in iSphere


What I love about my job

The people! I love the people at iSphere. Everyone I work with is so special and unique. They each bring something to our work table that is key to the success of everyone else and to the company as a whole. The teamwork that occurs on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me. The laughter is another thing I love about my job. There have been many occasions when my stomach muscles have worked overtime from simply attending a weekly staff meeting.


What I believe sets iSphere apart

The level of professionalism mixed with fun to create an innovative, energetic work atmosphere. The best part―this is all done within the realm of a close knit, “family feel” circle of iSphere staff and consultants.


When I’m not working

I am spending time with my husband George and our two boys, Chris and Pax. Involvement in their school/church and extra-curricular activities encompass the majority of my “out of the office” time. My loves in life are boating, water sports, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and spending time with close family and friends.


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