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    Is your organization falling short on the right security actions?

    Discover your vulnerabilities


    Hackers know how lucrative it is ransoming systems or selling organizational data – whether it’s from school districts and healthcare facilities or financial service and oil and gas companies – on the dark web. Using all the virtual weapons in their arsenal, they are working to compromise your security and gain access to the sensitive information contained within your applications and systems. Unless you are prepared to defend against major cyber-attacks, you might fail to protect your most sensitive information.


    In our upcoming webinar “Five Security Initiatives Your District Should Already Have Underway,” we will walk you through the most common schemes hackers use against organizations, as well as how to evolve your tactics at light speed. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll cover:

    • Phishing prevention
    • Secure access
    • Endpoint remediation
    • Recovery strategies
    • And more