5 Job Posting Mistakes Your Business Can’t Afford to Make

by iSphere on October 3, 2022 in Blog, Hiring Challenges

Though IT layoffs are on the rise and the Great Resignation is levelling out, exceptional tech talent can and will vanish in an instant. We know why. While some larger companies have chosen to wait and see how big market events transpire, small-to-mid-sized enterprises and even organizations in the education sector are pursuing top technical talent to grab their advantage.

The best of the best are truly changing the way they interact with candidates. They are doing what it takes to build relationships, engage people on social media, harness employee networks, and stay front-of-mind. Underneath all these outreach methods, they have one clear foundation that never fails: creating effective job advertisements.

If your job advertisements have been getting all the action of someone selling 49ers merch in the heart of Cowboys country, then it’s probably time to take a hard look at your descriptions. Chances are any of your recruitment challenges might be the result of one of these five job posting mistakes.

Emphasizing Expectations Over Benefits

Top IT candidates have no shortage of options and offers in the current market. Companies that acquire them go the extra mile to distinguish their value. In our experience, what draws IT professionals into those roles isn’t an inventory of responsibilities, but a clear showcase of benefits. As far as job posting mistakes, the decision by companies to only voice what they want from candidates without showing what they have to offer is among the top faux pas.

There needs to be a balance within the meat of the advertisements. What benefits do candidates receive by choosing to work for your business? How is your working environment different from other options? How can members of your team grow? What interesting challenges can they expect on the job? Outline these and other details in your job advertisements and you’re more likely to draw the right people into your positions.

Plus, be sure that you lead with the benefits to candidates. If you’ve caught someone’s attention upfront, they’re more likely to scroll down to see if they qualify.

Misusing the Strengths of Social Media

Nowadays, 72% of Americans are familiar with at least some form of social media, but even though most know the basics, there’s an art to posting your jobs on social media. There’s a fine line for companies to walk as they advertise their vacant positions on social media, conforming to the conventions of each platform while not going overboard.

Here are some key areas where companies make mistakes:

  • Ignoring your employees: Your employees’ networks offer a wide selection of top candidates. The old saying that “Good people know good people” holds up. If candidates are your evangelists, your good reputation can precede you. Linking to the social media accounts of talent on relevant teams increases the visibility of your jobs as well as getting your team involved in recruitment.
  • Overlooking your post’s design: Look at anyone’s social media feed and you’ll see a free-for-all of posts vying for people’s short attention spans. Your job advertisement either catches eyes or your target candidates keep on scrolling. Captivating visuals can encourage people to pause, especially if you’re showing responsibilities as well as benefits in a short blurb.
  • Overdoing the hashtags: In the hopes of taking advantage of the searchability of social media, some companies will stuff their job advertisements with hashtags. However, this can make organizations appear too overzealous or as if they’re not all that professional. There’s a balance between creating an approachable brand or seeming like you’re trying too hard.

Neglecting to Proof Your Posts

Since this can be a first impression for your business, it’s important to remember that your job posting needs to be properly proofed and reviewed. Every mistake has a ripple effect and can convince candidates that your organization is sloppy and inattentive to detail. Though not a total deal breaker, it might imply that working with your business might be a messy experience.

Whoever oversees hiring should not only review their own written work but have someone else double check it before anyone hits post. The reason being? You’re trying to compare what’s on the page to what’s in your head, and you can miss errors or autocomplete sentences with what’s not actually there. You don’t need a brigade of people reviewing your job advertisements but finding one person you trust to evaluate job posts can ensure the result is production ready.

Funneling People to the Wrong Place

Remember how we said candidates have a short attention span? They also lack patience for long hiring processes. If your process has all the twists and turns of a corn maze, they’ll abandon their application without a second thought. There are plenty of other responsibilities on their plates.

How does social media fit this scenario? Often, this is one of the first steps in which an application can go awry. If your job advertisement does not funnel candidates into an applicant tracking system (ATS) using the fastest route possible, then you’ll have a higher fall-off rate. Frankly, whoever needs to reach out to your candidates, be it someone on your team or an external recruiter, needs to be alerted as soon as possible.

At iSphere, we even use our own mobile job search application which allows IT professionals to easily apply for positions, creating as few steps as possible before they reach our recruiters.

Going Your Search Alone

Depending on the size of your organization, you might have some barriers to building your brand awareness. Not everyone in your organization is going to be focused on hiring people for your next role. However, connecting with the right partner in the IT staffing services world can help your business maximize the reach of your jobs on social media.

Working with a staffing firm allows your company to benefit from an entire team of professionals who are fixated on hiring top talent. Recruiters are far more likely to share job posts and are more experienced at getting their latest opportunities seen across social media platforms. Plus, our team is experienced at spotting fake candidates or fake LinkedIn profiles, which can help your organization to keep only high caliber candidates entering your funnel once applications start rolling in.

Want to avoid job posting mistakes completely? Entrust your next hire to iSphere. We’ll handle all the little details of the process and help you find top technical talent.


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