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Modernization of the energy sector is continuing to pick up steam. Organizations need to find ways to balance digital transformation with complex regulations, compliance standards, and oil price volatility. IT consultants and permanent hires can alleviate some of the struggle – but only if they are well-versed in the challenges of the energy or energy trading fields.


iSphere will find the rare tech talent necessary to keep your operations at the cutting edge. Our recruiters are experienced at finding specialized IT consultants who can help modernize and secure your business, on either a contract or permanent basis. Our people have been recruiting for iSphere for an average of 14 years, finding hard-working tech professionals who innovate from the very start.

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Our reputation as energy and energy trading staffing partner burns bright. Here’s why:

20 Years of Industry Staffing Experience

Compliance & Regulatory Knowledge

Network of Top Energy IT Consultants

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