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Protect your people and processes from urgent cyber-threats


When bad actors target your data assets, they ignore the real-world toll of their actions. That’s not a stance you can afford to take. Not only do you feel the fallout of data breaches across your operations and revenue stream, but you witness the damage done to your people, customers, and even the community.


For that reason, you need a security posture that detects impending cyber-threats, blocking or neutralizing them before they have the chance to do damage. Who has the time to run defense and their business? Just tell us your priorities and iSphere will take the steps to protect your organization.

What iSphere brings to the table


Your organization needs a partner that grasps your priorities, recognizes your vulnerabilities, and takes action with urgency. Here’s what we offer our partners with our cybersecurity solutions:

Technical Security Assessments


Are you giving hackers the keys to the castle? With a little research, cybercriminals can find public sources of information (network registrars, DNS servers, email servers, routing tables, social media, etc.) that allow them to exploit technical weaknesses and open the gates to your data assets whether they are on premise or in the cloud.


Our technical security assessment evaluates everything from your network architecture and device configurations to your infrastructure and operations. When we’re finished, you’ll know which common security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are putting you at risk – and how to fix them.

Penetration Testing


Think your organization is ready for the test? We can help you find out by getting the good hackers to do what the bad hackers are likely already doing to your organization. We can tailor a penetration test to see what and if the outsiders can compromise in your organization and help you close those holes.

Security Awareness Training


All of the technical safeguards you put in place are useless if your users aren’t trained to be security aware. We can get your users trained so that everyone in the organization gets on the same page. It reduces risks and incidents, and helps the entire workforce protect the organization and themselves.

Information Security Program Assessment (ISPA)


You want elite-level information security compliance? Our ISPA solutions can put your organization to the test. By subjecting your administrative controls to NIST standards, we can identify a wide spectrum of your security strengths and weaknesses.


Our process conducts a thorough review of information security policies and procedures, interviews key stakeholders, technical staff, and end users. As a result, we can help your organization to elevate your security, remaining current with government regulations and mandates or enterprise best practices.

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