IT Strategy & Planning


Create an IT roadmap for long-term success


Implementing IT solutions without a well-thought-out strategy is a gamble. Yes, you’ll get results, but they might fall short of your target goals for revenue, performance, and productivity. Without an IT game plan, your organization settles for second best or, worse still, makes costly investments in the wrong technologies.


Working with an IT strategy and planning team can align your technical capabilities with your enterprise objectives and day-to-day needs. There’s less trial-and-error, empowering your team to make the most of these tools and boost your bottom line.

What iSphere brings to the table


Your IT strategy depends on a solid foundation. Our experts extract the goals, capabilities, and challenges necessary to create a durable IT roadmap that helps you achieve results faster and more efficiently. Here’s what we offer our partners with our IT strategy and planning solutions:

Technology & Business Assessment


You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Only through an understanding of your current state can you pinpoint the best long-term outcomes for your organization.


Our highly skilled and experienced consultants guide you through the assessment process, providing you with a strategic framework to build a better ROI.

Strategy Presentation & Buy-in


Developing a long-term IT roadmap is only one part of a successful IT strategy. Your success also depends on how well you evangelize your newfound IT strategy with executives and end users.


We want to be your advocate. Our experience and proven track record have prepared us to present to, persuade, and inform your people of the value and capabilities of your IT roadmap – now and in the future.

Requirements Planning


For organizations to create the right IT roadmap, they need a clear understanding of their own requirements and objectives – and how they translate into actions and solutions.


At iSphere, our consultants work with your technology and business leaders to understand the needs and requirements necessary to achieve your goals. When we’re done, you’ll have a tactical roadmap in place that can deliver sustainable results.

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iSphere digs into the latest tech & business trends – and gives you a cheat sheet of what’s important.

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