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Create a foundation for better learning outcomes


Classroom instruction, whether K-12 or at the university level, depends on a sophisticated web of education technology solutions to support curricula and keep students’ sensitive data safe.


With finite budgets and evolving technical requirements, it’s easy for schools to fall behind the curve. Working with an experienced IT solutions partner can help your institution make the grade. Choosing iSphere to guide your education technology ecosystem ensures that you balance strategic goals and innovation without breaking the bank.

What iSphere brings to the table


Your goals are our goals. Thanks to years of experience helping state agencies and school districts with 50,000 to 250,000 students to harness education technology, our solutions strategists and architects know how to adapt to your circumstances and transform your capabilities with outside-the-box approaches. Here’s what we offer our partners with our education technology solutions:

Digital Learning


Remote instruction has become a significant part of today’s educational environment. Yet for teachers to teach and students to learn, your digital learning platform needs to be user-friendly and reliable every day class is in session.


The iSphere team is experienced with spearheading eLearning implementations. From analyzing your needs and readiness to deployment and support, our experts are ready to empower your students and educators – wherever they are.

Data & IT Systems


From handling admissions and curriculum to schedules and finance, educational institutions need comprehensive management systems that can do it all digitally. Moreover, these systems need to protect sensitive information from falling victim to a catastrophic data breach.


Our people are experts who take the time to identify the right opportunities and IT solutions for each school, district, or agency. We never rush the decision process, but when our roadmap is developed and you’re ready to go, we’re quick to take action. Every system or platform we put into place adheres to industry best practices as well as security and compliance standards.

Strategic Planning


Does your organization have an IT roadmap? It’s essential for your administrators to translate your requirements and objectives into solutions that enhance your curriculum, operations, and learning experience.


At iSphere, our consultants collaborate with your administrative and technical leaders to learn the full extent of your organizational needs and goals – and the necessary technical solutions to achieve them. The end result is a clear IT roadmap that outlines the essential steps to deliver a full ROI.

Ed-Fi Solutions

For decades, educators and administrators have been typing data into different systems, databases, and software. One system for rostering info, another system for behavior data, another for curriculum, another for assessment—and so on.

Until recently, education data systems were cut off from one another, unable to paint a complete picture of what was happening in the classroom.

The Ed-Fi Data Standard solves this problem once and for all. See what iSphere can do to help your district implement the standard and achieve great outcomes!

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