Defending Your Talent Pipeline: How to Avoid Hiring Deepfake Candidates (and Other Frauds)

by iSphere on October 17, 2023 in Blog, Hiring Challenges

Is your next candidate who they say they are? That’s a very real concern in the world of virtual hiring. Though digital technology and platforms have kept the hiring process from taking too long, they have also introduced an element of uncertainty.

In face-to-face interviews, it’s next to impossible for someone to pretend to be your candidate without the support of a makeup department or massive latex-mask budget à la Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. But with the digital hiring process, it’s much easier to impersonate someone else.

Are You at Risk of Hiring Deepfake Candidates?

Last year, the FBI issued a warning about fake candidates using deepfakes, voice spoofing technology, and stolen PII to apply for remote work positions. Technology has evolved to a point where scammers can use a person’s images and video on social media along with data obtained from any number of breaches (we’ve all been compromised) to pretend to be just about anyone.

Often, these fake candidates are going after IT, programming, database, and other roles, but what’s their angle? Basically, they want potential access to your customers’ information, financial data, proprietary information, and other lucrative details that they can sell online. And if the role is completely remote, there is a chance to get away with what feels like the perfect crime.

How do you catch someone pulling a digital Face/Off-style scam in the interview? You watch for subtle signs and use the expertise of the right partners. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Stop When They Claim Video Streaming Issues – Though we’ve all had technical difficulties from time to time, scammers will sometimes simulate those issues so you’re less suspicious about why their audio and video are not matching up. Advancements in deepfake tools make it so that you’re better off rescheduling an interview rather than dealing with the poor connection. Reasonable candidates will understand—frauds are more likely to put up a fight.
  • Watch Their Eyes – Deepfakes can’t blink in real time. We’re serious. If a program is superimposing someone else’s face on the person taking the interview, the candidate’s eyes will remain eerily unblinking. The second you see this, make an excuse and cut the call short. You’re being duped.
  • Identifying Red Flags Early in the Hiring Cycle – Learning how to identify fake candidates is an increasingly critical skill for company leaders and hiring managers. Seeing trends across LinkedIn, communications, and resumes can help you to sift out fake candidates before they make it into your system. Plus, using trustworthy background and screening services can enhance your ability to prevent fake candidates from joining your team.

In fact, identifying red flags up front can empower your organization from allowing more fake candidates deeper into your hiring process. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest resource, Unmasking Fake Candidates: A Hiring Manager’s Guide.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Defense

Our guide delves deep into the strategies, techniques, and best practices required to protect your organization from infiltration by fake candidates. This robust resource covers everything from understanding the motivations behind fake profiles to advanced tools and real-life examples from the iSphere team.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

  • A Look at the Fake Candidate Landscape: Explore the tactics and psychological factors fueling the rise of fraudulent applicants.
  • Profile Assessment Red Flags and Warning Signs: Equip yourself with the skills to spot subtle, but crucial, red flags that signal a potentially fraudulent LinkedIn profile.
  • Ways to Optimize Your Hiring Process: Learn how to strengthen your recruitment process to create filters for fake candidates.
  • Strategies to Verify Authenticity: Discover proven techniques for verifying candidate qualifications and backgrounds.
  • How to Leverage Advanced Tools and Techniques: Stay one step ahead of impostors by leveraging cutting-edge solutions designed to unmask fake candidates.
  • Real-Life Examples of Unmasking Fake Candidates: Dive into actual instances where our team exposed fake candidates and read the critical lessons we learned from these experiences.
  • Best Practices for Hiring Managers: Get essential guidance on how to maintain a secure hiring process.
  • Your Very Own LinkedIn Profile Assessment Checklist: A valuable reference tool to assist in profile evaluation.

Download Your Armor Against Deception

In an era where each hiring decision shapes the future of your company, it’s paramount to protect your organization from imposters.

Ready to fortify your hiring process and make confident, informed decisions? Download our comprehensive guide now and take proactive steps to safeguard your organization from fake candidates.


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