Are You Keeping Up with Some of the 5 Highest Paid IT Certifications?

by iSphere on February 8, 2022 in Blog, Career Advice

Are your IT certifications continuing to pay top dollar? The answer depends on which certifications you have. According to analysis by Foote Partners, LLC, out of 3,805 private and public-sector employers, numerous certs dropped in value as part of a three-year decline, but some still offer windfall compensation.

Which ones still behave like your own money tree? We did research into the local and national market to identify which are some of the highest paid IT certifications in 2022, and we found some appealing answers. If you have any of the following (or want to pursue them), your career and bank account will thank you soon.

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1.) Google Certified Professional Data Engineer – $171,749

Organizations recognize the importance of data-driven decision making, but most are struggling to motivate change with their people, processes, and culture. Of the Fortune 1000 executives who responded to a NewVantage Partners survey, there was a clear pattern of analytical underperformance:

  • Only 48.5% innovated with insights from data
  • Only 39.3% treated data as a business asset
  • Only 29.2% experienced transformational business outcomes

So, even at the corporate level, there’s a night and day difference between the aspirations companies have for their data and their reality. IT professionals with a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer certification convey to employers they’re ready to build bridges between the two states.

Well-versed in everything from data pipelining and statistical corporate analysis to Google BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Machine Learning services, people with this Google certification are situated to help businesses transform their data usage at a more systematic level. Possessing this in your resume will open a multitude of profitable doors.

2.) AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – $154,156

Even though cloud providers like Azure and Google Cloud have closed in on Amazon’s monolithic market share, AWS still accounts for 56% of the public cloud market as of 2021. As a result, professionals who learn how to cultivate critical knowledge and fluency in Amazon’s cloud initiatives can command a great deal.

Best of all, this certification indicates to employers you not only know the high-level technical elements of AWS, but you can communicate the ins and outs in layman’s terms. Enterprises of all sizes are clamoring for this level of approachability.

3.) Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) – $151,995

The last few years have punctuated the need for professionals at all levels who can manage risk. The global pandemic, rampant cyber attacks, evolving IT legislation, and an increasingly digital workplace have required organizations to hire tech professionals who can marry a holistic perspective of risk management with infrastructural IT systems and an eye innovation.

One way to validate if a candidate has enterprise risk management chops is through the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC). Organizations within the financial services sector, healthcare industry, energy and energy trading field, education sector, or government umbrella all require candidates who are risk conscious and compliance savvy. If you can demonstrate a know-how of strategic security procedures and controls on your resume, you’ll outperform your competition in the running.

4.) Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) – $149,246

In the current market, there are major opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) surveyed almost 500 cybersecurity professionals in 2021, and 95% said the cybersecurity skills shortage had not improved in the last few years. For tech professionals who are enthusiastic about cybersecurity, this provides both a window to acquire more offers and even expand into more senior positions.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) accreditation is a fulcrum capable of uplifting careers. Not only does this certification convey a robust technical command of IS/IT security and controls, but it indicates you are prepared to interact with stakeholders, direct reports, and regulators in a tactful, persuasive, and collaborative way. With the skills shortage so pronounced, organizations are vying for talent with proven leadership capabilities who can maximize results in any security position. Prove that’s you, and you’ll be set.

5.) CISSP-ISSEP – $145,490

When data breaches can cost millions of dollars, organizations want to know their next hire is going to have the expertise, resourcefulness, and attention-to-detail to mitigate the most pervasive cyber threats out there. For years, the CISSP certification has been the gold standard, but those wanting to expand their opportunities into lucrative contracts with private-sector companies working with federal agencies, the ISSEP offers platinum level work.

According to (ISC)², the creator of this certification, there are 152,632 professionals worldwide who hold the CISSP and only 1,307 who hold the ISSEP. If you can fill this woefully underserved gap, you can unlock elite opportunities requiring a proficiency in compliance-related issues that bar the average security engineering expert from entry.

Staying Current with the Highest Paid IT Certifications

Though you may have a general understanding of which of your certifications are going to help you bring home the Grade-A primo bacon, it’s easy to fall behind when the market for certifications is in flux. What is slumping now might spike up in value and vice versa. IT professionals need to have an up-to-date understanding of what organizations in your desired field or geographic region are willing to pay.

Rather than keeping your eyes on the market, choose to work with an IT staffing and recruiting firm connected with competitive market leaders and monitoring the latest demand. That way, you can focus on harvesting the best fruits of your labor rather than keeping track of the certifications and the roles capable of helping you do so.

Do you have the highest paid IT certifications on the market? It’s time you reevaluate your career options. Check out our latest jobs for opportunities or reach out to a member of our team.


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