Texas ISD Leaders Share Their Secrets for Funding K-12 IT Projects

Learn how to keep students and staff connected and secure

What are the secrets to funding K-12 IT projects across classrooms and the district? This question is getting harder and harder to answer. With pandemic relief programs ending and other financial sources drying up, leaders across school districts and service centers need to get creative.


Karen Fuller, CETL, the Director of Technology Innovation at iSphere, hosted an enlightening webinar with veteran Texas ISD leaders to explore how they are transforming IT budget challenges into opportunities.


From funding success stories to creative IT initiatives, these experts dive deep into ways to maximize resources for enhanced learning, operations, and security. Here’s what you can learn:


  • The most pressing funding concerns they should keep on their radar.
  • The strategies that industry leaders must employ to maintain the existing level of IT support and access.
  • The investments school districts and service centers must decrease, do without, or change.


Whether your budgets cover dozens of students or hundreds of thousands, we have the insight that can help you weather budget cuts and find the resources you need to educate, empower, and protect students and staff.

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    Our Presenters

    Karen Fuller

    Director of Technology Innovation

    Paula Ross
    Assistant Superintendent
    Information & Technology Services

    Rory Peacock
    Deputy Executive Director at ESC Region 11