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    Graduate to Greater IT Interoperability

    With the Combined Power of iSphere & Ed-Fi


    School districts are often plagued with siloed data systems – applications and databases that are incompatible and disconnected. As a result, data is not readily available to inform decisions. This prevents district/campus personnel from operating at peak efficiency. While educators desire to focus primarily on curriculum and instruction, oftentimes they can find themselves bogged down by technical shortcomings and simply trying to find the data they need. Furthermore, every new tool or dashboard added to the mix only further entangles districts and worsens inefficiencies, IT expenses, security, and data governance issues.


    In part to help alleviate this problem, the Ed-Fi Alliance data standard will be sweeping across Texas school districts over the next two years. Before district administrators are pushing you to adapt wide-ranging elements of your IT and data operations, you can achieve a secure and integrated data management ecosystem without needing to jump through any hoops yourself.


    iSphere can help you take the leap.


    Our Ed-Fi experts spearhead the total data integration process from end to end and can assist you by:

    • Performing assessment to understand the current state of your district – its requirements, data and infrastructure needs, and unique business and security policies
    • Creating a transformation plan to facilitate communication and guide vendors through the modernization process – uniquely tailored to the needs of your district
    • Verifying that all systems, applications, and data are interoperable and compliant with the Ed-Fi data standard prior to the deadline
    • Assist with the development and implementation of interfaces and connectors to SIS, HR, Finance, and basic assessments
    • Help plan, implement and customize the free-to-the district software applications created by the Ed-fi community (Parent-Engagement, Student360 with attendance interventions, truancy letters, 10% rule and email notifications, TPM, etc)
    • Implementation of the Ed-Fi data checker validation with TEA’s SAAH rules for PEIMS. This feature ensure the ongoing automated data validation of ODS data for PEIMS reporting throughout the year and helps maintain the data accurate at the source (SIS/HR)
    • Documenting a single Source of Truth for data systems and elements to facilitate data governance of IT and business processes through a practical and effective data governance committee
    • Assist you in making decisions about where and how to run an Ed-Fi ODS:
      • Self-Managed
      • On your premises
      • In your cloud
    • Hosted by a certified Ed-Fi 3rd party provider
        • On your premises
        • In the cloud
    • Hosted by TEA in Texas