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Consultants – Why Choose iSphere? 


Putting care back in your career


Giving 100% at your job is enough of a responsibility. When it comes to tracking job opportunities and persuading potential employers you’re the right fit, many tech professionals reduce their stress by working with IT recruiters.


Who you choose to work with has a significant impact on your results. Though you have a variety of options, we’re eager to help you find satisfaction in your professional (and even personal) life. Here’s a glimpse at why IT talent in Texas and beyond choose iSphere as their job search and career partner.

What sets iSphere apart as a staffing and recruiting firm?

Our Personalized Approach


We hate the idea of “putting butts in seats”. Our goal is to put you in positions that utilize your strengths and advance your career. That’s why we take the time to get to know your needs, skills, and preferences up front so we can provide tailored opportunities in the long run.

Consultant Care Program


When we choose to work with a person, we invest in their success and happiness. One key piece of that commitment is through our Consultant Care Representatives. Their sole focus is consultant satisfaction, working as your advocate on-the-job and reaching out in ways big and small to brighten your day.

IT & Industry Specific Knowledge


We’re life-long learners. Give us enough time and we’ll overcome any challenge. Thanks to decades of experience, we’ve absorb knowledge on the IT sector and the industries that depend upon them. As a result, we’re better at understanding your goals and challenges – and connecting you with relevant and satisfying jobs.

Health Insurance & Benefits

More than just career satisfaction, we want you to live a better life. That’s why we provide our consultants with access to health insurance options and other benefits that allow them to thrive in and out of the office.

Want an edge in your next job search?


iSphere follows market trends and offers advice to keep you competitive.


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