Your 2023 IT Executive Salary Guide Has Arrived!

Whether you’re searching for your next great role or want to know how your company stacks up, our free guide has the information you need to elevate your career or workforce.


    Nowadays, the range of executive salaries has reached a point where it’s difficult to develop an accurate benchmark of competitive compensation packages. Wading through payment trends around performance bonuses, stock options, and other benefits as well as geography and industry touchstones can prove tricky, whether you are looking to hire or just evaluating your own prospect.

    The iSphere team wanted to simplify your considerations. That’s why we developed our 2023 IT Executive Salary Guide, providing organizations, executives, and aspiring leaders with a lay of the land for compensation packages.

    You can also expect:

    • National and region-specific IT market trends
    • Analysis of executive salary trends and influencing factors in recent years
    • An extensive list of senior-level and tech executive job titles and their current respective salary ranges

    Determining accurate compensation levels is critical to attracting top IT candidates— especially at the C-suite level.